You can sometimes hear the opinion that hair is an extension of a person and therefore cut them undesirable. Pregnant girls hear about this kind of prejudice more often than others. Actually, hair is not a living organism. Responsible for density, structure and kind of hair follicle located in the scalp from which they grow. Therefore, when cutting any contact with internal organs of the body and a pair of scissors simply can not happen.

From an aesthetic point of view to get a haircut is necessary. In a civilized society haircut has already become a daily procedure of self-care, like brushing your teeth. Over time, hair will not only become longer, but also lose their appearance, exfoliate and whipped. So to cut at least the ends must. And if a woman is provided greater choice in relation to the length of the hair, the man without a neat haircut just risking his career in most jobs.

Some believe that the girl of the nature are required to wear long hair, as they largely represent femininity. But sometimes short hair hair looks much more impressive.

During the period of regrowth of hair after short haircut hairdressing services are also required at least once per quarter. While ostrogothica are the tips that you will not be able to radically decrease the length. If this is not done, the process of delamination of the ends of the hair reduce to zero all efforts to grow. Even after reaching the desired length with most of the hair you still have to leave. Haircut keeps the hair structure is one, which affects its appearance and health.

So to answer the question, why cut the hair simply enough. Haircut is needed in order to the hair, regardless of length, always looked tidy.