You will need
  • scissors with sharp blades.
Purchase special scissors for cutting hair. Normal office scissors are usually sharp enough and leave a ragged cut, which could lead to splitting of the hair.
Comb and dampen your hair. Separate comb a small section and hold its end with two fingers. Cut hair perpendicular. So the area of the slice is less than the diagonal cut, and the probability of splitting of hair will be reduced.
Another way of cutting hair. Separate strands and curl it with a tight braid. The hair will stick out and you will easily notice the damaged ends. Carefully cut them. Undo the lock of hair, comb it and twist in the opposite direction. This method is suitable for graduated haircuts. Dark hair is better to work a light background, with light on dark.
Remove split ends can be combined with a trimming regrown hair. In this case, wet the hair thoroughly and comb the ends are cut at required length, generally not more than 5 cm.
The hair is not whipped, it is necessary to properly care for them. After shampooing, apply on hair strands, moisturizing balm. When using a hair dryer, Curling iron or hair dryer to create hairstyles be sure to protect hair with a special thermal protection means.