You will need
  • For this you will need to reconsider their views on makeup and wardrobe.
First, pay attention to your wardrobe. It is advisable to avoid sports style in clothes. Would you prefer feminine things: pencil skirts, blouses, slacks, business suits. In addition, visually become older will help a variety of robes. Remember that bright colors in clothing young. Therefore it is better to choose colored or dark clothes.
Now for the hair. Curls, long hair to his shoulders, cascades and ladders tend to give way to the simplicity, naturalness and a certain youthfulness. So often, in order to appear older, depending on face shape women choose Bob or short cut.
The hair color also needs to be a few shades darker than natural. This will help visually make you older.
The next step is makeup. Be sure to use a tone for face and blush. Incidentally, the latter will help to outline the contours of the face and distract attention from the youthful swelling of the cheeks.
The older you want to appear, the more intense must be the makeup. The main rule - do not overdo it. Usually on the face or stand out eyes or lips. While makeup should also be bold, saturated colors.