You will need
  • - A well-chosen cosmetics.
To maintain youthful skin should use a daily moisturizer for skin, selected depending on its type. This will help prevent dehydration and wrinkles. It is better to choose those tools, which include components that trigger collagen synthesis and elastin. In addition to moisturizing the skin also needs nutrition and recovery, but the main guarantee of preserving its beauty, the regularity of conducted procedures, regardless of whether or not to use them for expensive cosmetics or home remedies that can also be effective.
To ensure that the skin does not look tired, need to sleep regularly, while trying to take a position, in which the person will be less likely to contact with the pillow. Therefore, you should not sleep on the belly and on the back to avoid fine lines and this is one way of how to look good at 30.
Particular attention should be paid to his diet, as its quality directly determines the condition of the skin. To ensure that the skin looked lifeless, the menu must be present a sufficient number of products containing folic acid, iron, vitamins A and E. these include leafy greens, fruits and vegetables, liver, legumes, vegetable oil. But from animal fats and excessive sweets should be abandoned, as they provoke inflammation on the skin.
After 30 it makes sense to pay attention to the special beauty treatments that affect the skin more intensely than usual cosmetics. These include mesotherapy, chemical peels and beyond. More specific course for each woman can pick up a professional cosmetologist that takes into account all the features of the skin.