By age 40 a woman usually takes possession of the skills and wardrobe. She realizes that there are basic things that are perfectly combined with each other, and manages a database forming. It is believed that the basic things should be a classic, but it is not so. It all depends on what the woman. As a rule, the occupation for 40 years is already determined, and if most of the time a woman devotes to housework and children, she does not need to spend money to purchase classic three-piece suit or a simple skirt – she will have nowhere to wear them. It is much wiser in this case to make a "base" of the things in a casual style, which is convenient to do daily chores, play with the kids and make purchases
By this age, a woman usually has no illusions about her appearance: she knows the most "strong" and "weak" side and knows how to emphasize the first and the second hide with clothes. It argued that the woman of 40 should not wear skirts above the knee, tight trousers, and if she has slim and beautiful legs – why not keep in your closet these items? Similarly ridiculous is the requirement to wear only things calm, muted tones. If the appearance of the woman, for example, refers to the color type "winter contrast", then after 40 it will go bright outfits in cool colors.
A woman after 40, choosing clothes should be guided primarily not by considerations of fashion, and the inner sense of things, how it goes, how comfortable and confident lady myself it feels. Trendy clothing will last in the wardrobe of just a couple of seasons, but for women, during puberty, it is important to surround yourself with things that rather resemble good and faithful friends than casual acquaintances.
As wonderful as a woman of 40, age-related changes still touch it and it is also necessary to take into account when choosing clothes. It is not necessary to demonstrate the exposed areas of the body, if the skin had lost its elasticity, should not emphasize the waist, if she is not so slim as in his youth. Openness and boldness of the outfits it is better to prefer restraint and "innuendo". If you have the type of appearance, it is better to prefer cold tones – they freshen the complexion, young. If the appearance requires the use of fabric in warm shades, it is better to choose clothes in more muted tones to the brightness of the outfit not outshines the natural colors of appearance with age, still few tend to fade.
If a young girl can afford to wear a cheap simple attire, the lady of forty years it is better to avoid. The simplicity and modesty of attire should be compensated by its purity: expensive fabric, beautiful tailoring, tasteful accessories. It may be costume jewelry, but, preferably, expensive and copyright appropriate to the selected ensemble. At this age, the lady could not afford and things "hand made", but performed flawlessly.