Carefully inspect the ATM and look for the receiving hole. It is advisable to do at that time as standing in line, so as not to delay others. Cautiously peeped over the actions of other people. If anyone except you at the ATM, calmly examine the basic openings and buttons. Most of these devices have a feed opening for credit cards, which is indicated by an arrow or an appropriate inscription, the holes for the issuance of money and to receive it.
Examine Bank card. Basically they all have the same standard design. In one side the card number, and the other magnetic strip. Insert into ATM machine it is necessary so that the magnetic strip at the bottom right. Another benchmark is the special pattern on the upper side of the card. As a rule, it is inserted into the ATM so that the drawing was at the front left. In a similar way and inserted a card with a chip reminiscent of the SIMcard of the phone.
Insert the Bank card into the receiving hole of the ATM. If you do everything right, then at some point will feel the reader draws the card inside. Let her go. We should not force to insert the card into the ATM. If the device is not addictive, maybe it is faulty and should refrain from using it.
Wait loading interface ATM. On the screen appears that prompts you to select the interface language. To select the press the corresponding button, located at the edge of the display. Enter the PIN code. It is necessary to watch, that people nearby did not see the dialed combination. The numbers to dial are located under the monitor. Click "Enter". Now you can easily watch your account balance or to withdraw the necessary amount.