You will need
  • A plastic Bank card Alfa-Bank (optional), ATM, Alfa-Bank and a credit agreement, wherein the account number and credit product.
Insert your card into the card reader magnetic stripe down, select the language and enter the pin code card. Select "Repayment of loan" or "cash". The latter refers to those cases when the Bank cards of Alfa-Bank is not, and access to the ATM made by pressing any key on the touch screen. Select the type of account that you want to make money. Be careful, if several accounts, select the one to receive the funds. Select the currency. You can contribute money in the account currency or any other currency, and the enrollment will be made at the exchange rate Alfa-Bank. Have the money ready. When the receiver lights up green light bulb, carefully insert and click "account". Wait for the return of the card. Take the receipt confirming the successful crediting of money to the account.
To repay the loan alpha Bank is also possible with third party banks-partners (in this case, you will have to pay a certain percentage for transferring money).
You can use the self-service terminals, payment system Rapida or Contact.
To repay the loan alpha Bank is possible also in large shops of home appliances "Eldorado", "Technosila" and some others. To repay the loan will need a loan agreement that specifies the account number.