You will need
  • - pattern dresses or men's shirts;
  • centimeter;
  • - the range;
  • pencil.
The pattern of the vest, as well as many other articles, based on pattern dresses or men's shirts. It can be recovered from the log book in the Studio or build your own. If you don't already have such a versatile pattern — it's time to take care of her, because she will need again and again. To do this you need only front and back, so they can and limited.
Remove the measurements. You need to know poluobhvat neck, chest, waist and hips, height and depth of the armhole, the shoulder length, the depth of Rostock. Build the pattern of the dress. Better to do it on graph paper. Then the pattern can be transferred to the cardboard, because in this case you will need a paper pattern dresses to crop and make the mold from more durable material is necessary and in order to not have to bother with a cumbersome build next time.
Measure the length of the vest on the back. Ask your assistant to remove the measure from the 7th cervical vertebra to the presumed length of the vest. Mark this measure on the pattern, and draw through the obtained point a line parallel to the bottom line.
A vest can make with patterns and without. It can be fitted and straight. If you make the fitted vest, please note all the folds that are on the dress pattern. But the vest can be without any undercuts, for example, some folk costumes. Short waistcoat, usually made fitted.
Increase neck. For this set aside at the shoulder sections of the back and shelves of 2 cm and spend a curved line parallel to the line of the neck. From the extreme points of the neck aside the length of the shoulder.
Mark the edge of a Board. To do this, from the middle of the shelves set aside 2 see Swipe through the resulting point a line parallel to the mid-shelf.
Think about the style of vest. In principle, the pattern can be left as it is. In this case, the vest will be cut under the neck". But you can make a traditional vest with V-neck. To do this, from the top of the neck (the point from which you started to defer the shoulder length) draw a line of the slant Board under the angle which you like best.
For the construction of the pattern women's fitted vest aside from the neckline down 5 cm in order to transfer the groove to the bulge of the breast. For casual jackets and men's vests is optional.