To build the regression, use the software Microsoft Office Excel or its analogs, for example, similar utility in Open Office. Thus to calculate the index, use the LINEST():(Znaczenia; Znacheniyah; Const; stats).
Calculate the set of points on the regression line using the function called "TREND" (Znaczeniu; Znacheniyah; Novietne; Konst). Calculate using the given numbers unknown value of the coefficients m and b. Actions here may vary depending on this you the conditions of the problem, so check the order of evaluation, after reviewing the additional material on the topic.
If you have any problems with the construction of the regression equation, use special literature in econometrics, and use the additional material themed sites, for example,,, laboratory work in the discipline - Please note that also the regression equation may be different, so pay attention to additional information in the subject.
In the event that you have problems using Microsoft Office Excel download special tutorials on the subject, which is causing you trouble, or enroll in special training courses which is available for almost all cities.
This will also make sure that these skills will come in handy in the future, as econometrics is often included in the programs in the faculties of Humanities to expand General knowledge and are unlikely to be useful in the future, for example, lawyers.