Technological complexity shows the cost of labour, which carry the impact tool of labor. To calculate, add up all the costs of stilistov programs. Then calculate the number of their products. And then the first figure, divide the second - the resulting number will be increased technological complexity.
There is a complexity of service production - it includes the labor costs associated with the service. This sum all costs and divide by the unit of production.
Production complexity includes the cost of labor the main structure and the involvement of helpers per unit of released products. In order to calculate fold increased technological complexity and the rate of production service.
The complexity of production management count by adding all costs for leaders, officials, professionals and security. After this, the resulting value also divide by the number of products.
In order to calculate the total labor input, aggregate all costs for labor, that is, the cost of foremen, builders, joiners, managers, professionals and other workers and divide by the number of issued products.
Also distinguish between the complexity of the nature of the cost of labor. There are three types: budget, standard and actual labor cost. Regulatory shows the magnitude of labour costs in the normal range. Calculate it with the works of standard time in minutes for the number of produced units.
Planned complexity shows the amount of labour input per unit of output taking into account recycling or shortcomings of these norms. To calculate, multiply the normative complexity on the number of issued products.
Actual effort shows how much your buck of labor, including accounted for and losses in work time per unit of output.