Calculate the rate of utilization of production capacity according to the following formula:PCF = PN / PM, gdan - output in physical terms,
PM – production capacity.Actual production on existing equipment expressed in natural units. This figure, in contrast to the production capacity, in monetary measure is not specified.
Calculate production capacity by adding up the maximum possible number of products on the production equipment of the enterprises. This indicator is measured in natural units: pieces, rubles. If the equipment produces different types of products, in this case, the production capacity is calculated as the sum of monetary units for each product.Utilization of production capacity reflects the level of utilization of production capacity at the plant. A full load is equal to one or 100%. As a rule, the enterprise does not use the capacity 100%, as is equipment repair, vacation workers. Enterprises with production capacity at 80% or more, are highly profitable.
In the form №2 "Report about profits and losses to clarify the revenues from sales of products, goods and services in thousands of rubles. From the form №5 "Appendix to accounting balance-sheet, take the rate of initial cost of fixed assets. Based on the identified data, calculate the following technical and economic indicators – capital productivity according to the formula:f=T/Soph, where m is the final product
Sof - the value of fixed assets.The growth rate of capital productivity is affected by either an increase in marketable output or a decrease in the value of fixed assets.
Calculate productivity:PT = T / PPP, Depp – number of industrial production personnel. Differentiate between non-industrial staff, which consists of the canteen workers of the enterprise medical staff. The growth of industrial-production personnel in connection with the expansion of production, reduction in the number of workers is due to layoffs of staff or cuts.
Technical and economic indicator also includes the average monthly wage, calculate it by the formula:SN = SPT /CPP*12, gdept - funds to pay,
CPP – number of industrial production personnel.The average salary should not be lower than that set by the state. Salary increases, if increasing the productivity, increase rates, inflation. For enterprises with normal activities are characteristic to the growth in labour productivity was increasing faster than wage growth rate.