You will need
  • Fabric
  • Basic pattern
  • The tape
  • Sewing machine
  • Needles
  • Thread
Rate your figure. Full women are different. Some have a luxurious lush bust but slim legs and narrow pelvis. Others — on the contrary, almost no bust, but the lower part is heavy. The third fullness of the uniform. In each case, the choice of clothes will be a little different. Their advantages one must know and fully them stress.
Think about the style. Full the woman looks better in a dress below the knee or long. But there are exceptions. Why not wear a mini skirt if lush bust combined with not very narrow hips and slender legs? Not very good-looking full dress with a very lush or very flared skirts. It is best to choose fitted or straight silhouette. Should not be abused ruffles and ruffles. Pockets, too, should not be a lot. Pay special attention to the neckline. Typically, fat women pretty neck, and a magnificent bust, so no need to hide them, will look very good neckline or interesting cutouts.
Select the fabric. For large women is especially important. Preference should be given to high-quality fabrics. The variegated sitchikov is not for you. If you want to sew a summer dress, choose linen, crisp cotton fabric that holds its shape well. Fit and fine silk. It is better to choose plain fabrics or small, not very noticeable pattern. Do not buy the fabric in a large square or cross stripes. Calculate how much fabric you will need. For a very full shape, you usually need to take two lengths with a width of 150 cm.
Make pattern. If you first undertake sewing and haven't used the templates, select a style that does not require special skills to simulate the pattern. The pattern is from a magazine, you may have to adjust depending on figure. For the fuller figure is most often required to increase sprout, to change the size of the openings and lifts the shoulders. Full woman it is especially important to consider what her figure is normal, stooped, or parageusia. For the first variant, the pattern of the appropriate size to adjust is not necessary, and for second and third — is necessary.
Circle the adjusted pattern to the fabric. The balance depends on the size and the width of the fabric. But to position the parts so that they fit on the canvas as a whole, besides in equity, except those which are cut on the bias.
Prepare parts. Baste and stitch detail collar and cuffs, if any. In the models for the full it is particularly important that the collar and cuffs a well-kept form. To do this, they need to be strengthened with interlining.
Prepare the pockets. Patch pockets don't look very well on a full figure, it is better to use or Welt in the seams. Baste and sew the shoulder and side seams. Try on dress and adjust it on the figure. Possible. need to trim front or back — it all depends on the shape type. Vmlite sleeve and again try on dress. It is important that the sleeve looked good, and the dress is not pinned down movements. Don't use lush or flared sleeves, looks best straight or a small wing.
After you have sewn both sleeves, do some treatment of the neck. If you sew a dress without a collar, you can experiment with the neckline. V - neckline, process piping. But this cut, or at the neckline is appropriate and narrow lace, and modest sewing, it all depends on the style of dress and fabric. In completion, treat the seams and fold the bottom.