You will need
  • malachite green dye,
  • medicinal products for fish,
  • - disposable syringe
  • - salt.
If you notice that your fish behave unnaturally, stuck for a long time at the water surface, often moving gills, sluggish in motion, on their scales or skin appeared pale spots, white bumps - they are ill with ICH, in common - with semolina. Don't panic, unplug the lamp plug from the wall outlet, do not turn on the power of the heater, do not pour into the aquarium glasses furatsilin and not bring the spoons bitsillin, and do not use all sorts of folk remedies.
Aquarium fish, like humans, experience physical pain during his illness, so the first thing they should get rid of unnecessary stress. Dim the lights in the aquarium, try to ensure maximum silence in the room, not stomp, do not slam the door.
Sick fish should not be deposited in another container, all for the same reasons, and treat them in a community tank. The first day should be removed from the filter coal, zeolites, peat, put a temporary filter with replaceable cartridges fine filter. Replace 25-30% of the fresh water, of course, to defend. Increase in the aquarium at the time of treatment aeration.
Use to treat the fish from disease can be checked only medicines such as Super Ick Cure company Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Faunomor by Aquarium Munster firms and Sera Costapur. These drugs do not harm aquarium plants and one hundred percent cure the fish. Sera Costapur use strictly according to manufacturer's instructions, and other drugs on the first day, on the third and on the fifth day.
Before each addition of drug to replace up to a quarter of the water, raising the overall temperature by 1-2 degrees for the duration of the treatment. In the day, add a pinch of salt, it helps heal the wounds which cause sick fish trying to scratch on the caves, rocks and shells. On the sixth day again, replace the water back into the filter carbon or other fillers, a few days lower the water temperature to normal.Also when the disease grout helps to add to the water syringe of malachite green dye in the proportion of 0.09 mg/l, sensitive to it - in the proportion of 0.06 mg/l. the organic dye does not affect plants and the microflora of the aquarium.