Contact the tax office at the place of residence and check with the officer dealing with debt the information you need. Despite its apparent simplicity, the process is fairly troublesome. After all, you need to stand in long queues and to fill a number of bureaucratic documents, and then again stand in a queue for obtaining information on indebtedness. To solve this problem, the Russian Federal tax service gives taxpayers to know the tax history online.
Sign up in the service "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer" that allows you to learn all the necessary information for the calculation of the budget. For this, you will receive a login and password in the tax office, then go to and log in. Go to "Tax payments" and determine which tax was not paid yet. Make and print the receipt.
Go to the website of the FTS of the Russian Federation for the link Open section "E-services" and select "Know your debt". In order to use this service do not need to pre-register at the tax office.
Read the terms and conditions for the provision of data and click the "I agree". Fill in the details of the taxpayer to determine the tax liability. Enter the verification code and click "Find". There will be information about what tax you have debts. Otherwise, it will stated "there was no outstanding balance".
Use mobile services to determine the taxes. You'll have to write a TEXT message in which you state your identification code and send it to the room 8-950-341-00-00. In return you will receive a message with information about the existing debt on taxes.