You will need
  • - access to the portal of public Services;
  • - access to the personal account of the taxpayer from FTS;
  • INN.
Today the Russians have three options to learn about the availability of outstanding transportation tax. This can be done through taxpayer's personal account on the website of the FTS, through the portal of public Services and through the data Bank of Executive proceedings of the Federal bailiff service.
To learn about the status of settlements with the state the transport tax it is necessary to log on to the website of public Services. Here you choose the service "informing the taxpayer (or his representative) about the condition of calculations under taxes, fines and penalties", which is located at the address!_description. The service is provided on.
After navigating to the page on the right, click "Get service". In the opened window you need to agree to our processing of your personal data by clicking in the checkbox. Next you will see a page with your name and INN. Have to choose your region and click "Apply". After processing the request you will see information about the availability of outstanding transportation tax.
To check the availability of outstanding transportation tax in the new beta version of the portal at Here, select "Tax debts" and click the button "Verify the debt". Simply mention your INN and you will know the debt for all taxes, including transport.
Through the service from FTS "Know your debt" ( you can not only learn the outstanding taxes, but also to make online payment. Agree with the rules of the service, and then you go to fill in the requested data - name and INN. Then you will receive information on unpaid taxes, or about absence of debt.
The "Know your debt" also allows you to pay vehicle tax online. To do this, choose the option "Bank transfer" - "Create". You can also specify that you prefer to pay in cash. In this case, the service will generate for you a receipt, which can be paid at any branch of Sberbank.
To get the latest information on taxes and fees, the availability of debt You can through the taxpayer's personal account on. It will have a time to visit your tax office to apply for obtaining access to the service and receive the password. Data on the status of settlements with the budget appear here quickly enough.
To use the service from FBS go to Choose your region and enter your full name and date of birth. Please note that the information in this database is updated with a delay, and the Executive records management starts with a systematic non-payment of taxes.