You will need
  • - passport;
  • - INN;
  • - a notarized power of attorney (notarized if applying a trusted person).
To learn about the amount of taxes, apply in person at the district tax office. Present your passport and INN. Will tell you in detail of all accruals, timing of payments and issue a receipt, which can be paid at any location that accepts payments from population.
If you are unable to personally contact the tax office, for example, due to the fact that you are in another city, another country or in the hospital, then do it for you has the right Trustee. With a notarized power of attorney need not be present was enough to show the passport and notarized power of attorney, which must be non-expired.
Instead of visiting tax inspection in person or through a notary Trustee you can call the phone number at the district tax office. Telephone numbers listed on the reverse side annually sent receipts.
Ask them to name the amount of your taxes for the current period. To do this you have to provide passport details, taxpayer identification number. You will call the sum of current payments, debt, if any, and the amount of the assessed penalty if payments are overdue.
To learn about the amount of your tax from the comfort of home, go to the website of the Federal office of the tax inspection and sign in to your personal account, which will include all tax payments to date and the amount owed with penalty on overdue payments.
All information is confidential and no personal information such as passport data and INN of the taxpayer, available to other users.
Most often you do not need to worry and learn about the amount of their taxes. Tax inspection promptly send receipts for all their taxpayers. If there is an amount outstanding, you will send an additional receipt, which will indicate not only the amount owed, but also penalties for late payment of obligatory payments.