Check taxes online

Sometimes an ordinary man, not privy to the details of the tax law, does not know that when buying a car or winning the lottery he has to pay a certain tax. But when he finds out about this, quite often the tax liability already exists. Moreover, in addition to the primary payment has already accrued fines and penalties, and this entails considerable financial costs.

Not so long ago in order to find out the back taxes, it was necessary to contact the tax office, having stood in this long line. But today on the official websites created convenient online services, visiting, you can know the accurate amount of tax payment. The main portals, where you can learn, whether there is a tax liability, are: Tax service of Russia and the online portal.

How to know the arrears of taxes for VAT

Thanks to advanced service advanced Internet technologies to find out the number of taxes and charges to a natural person, it became much easier. In 2013, we launched a convenient service created by Tax service of the Russian Federation to ensure that every citizen of the country INN was able to learn: what types of taxes he is obliged to pay whether there is a debt, and in what amount.

To find out the tax liability for VAT on this resource, you will need a taxpayer identification number that is assigned to each person of the tax service. Entrepreneurs the PI code was duplicated as individuals.

To log on to the portal, you must first create a personal account by registering in the appropriate form. Once you assign a password and gain access to the data portal you can find information about debt according to the following taxes:

- NDFL (the tax to incomes of physical persons);

- property tax;

- land tax;

- the transport tax.

Moreover, on the website you can compose and print out a payment slip, which you later pay taxes at any Bank.

How to find out debt taxes and penalties on the portal of state Services

Unlike the portal on, the site "public Services" you can get more detailed confidential data on the assessed taxes, but the registration process will take a little more time and will require the introduction of more detailed information.

To enter the site and to access information necessary to pass obligatory registration. To obtain data on tax arrears is enough to pass the initial registration:

- go to the website;

- enter your name, surname and mobile phone number (email address in case of absence);

- click registration;

- after receiving the access code in an SMS to phone or email to enter numbers in the appropriate field and confirm the operation.

It remains only to choose a password and use it to log in to the portal. This way you can check the availability of arrears of taxes and to know the boundary terms of repayment. But for more detailed report you will need additional identifying information and, in some cases, the need for confirmation of identity.

A visit to the offices of the tax service also remains an effective way of getting information about the debt. To obtain a certificate confirming the taxes, or lack thereof, must be reserved by time and patience and with a passport to go to the local branch of the FNS.