You will need
  • Registration certificate of the vehicle (engine capacity in horsepower), payment period (for a year).
From the data of registration certificate (registration certificate of the vehicle) you need to set the type of vehicle and engine power (horsepower) that will make up the tax base.
To calculate the vehicle tax to determine the tax rate of the respective subject of the Federation – the region in which the vehicle is registered. The tax rate can be found on the website of "r** "individuals" Transport tax". Instead of stars you need to put 2 numbers to the region in which the vehicle is registered (the first 2 digits of the series number of a registration certificate (certificate of vehicle registration).
When you select the tax rate you need to consider the tax base (the type and power of the car) and for what period of time is calculated the transport tax. The tax rate valid in a specific region, must be multiplied by the tax base of your car. For example, for 2010 for passenger car with an engine capacity over 100 horsepowers up to 150 horsepowers inclusive tax rate in the Chelyabinsk region is 15.9. Your car was in this region, has the engine power of 140 horsepower. This tax base. Thus, vehicle tax for this car for 2010 will be: 15,9*140=2226 rubles.
If the receipt of assessed tax, transport tax authorities was not sent to you, then you can contact the appropriate tax office.