To avoid overloading the drive, not to hear the noise from his work, to make the game load faster, it is better to install to the hard drive. However, the mandatory disc for drive console. However, the game can be set, ignoring the request.
Search the Internet and download the program CloneCD, preferably the newest version you can find. Don't forget to check downloaded programs for viruses and malicious code, as the precaution is superfluous does not happen. Then install it and in the resulting window, select Read to Image. Next, select the drive suitable for backup of disk. Click Next – a window will appear select the path. Set the desired path. Wish file you can rename. The key is to leave the extension unchanged.
Click on the Save button. As you have selected a save path, click Ok. Wait until you create a copy of a disc (on average, this process lasts 10-20 minutes). The best speed to copy a disk is the speed of 2.4. So you can avoid many of the mistakes of the recording, as the recording quality is inversely proportional to its speed.
Copy the image of the game disc in the console. In the xbox 360 games console can be integrated with one of the following drives. They each have their own characteristics:- Samsung Motorola. These drives can play almost any discs, without any difficulty;- Hitachi. In this case, if the drive model is outdated, to record games from PC to disk, you must use drives of the brand Pioneer 109-112. Recorded on other drives drives an old model Hitachi can't.
Defining all the specifications and making the right choice, take a dual-layer disc that labeling reflect the available drive. Find the image of the game, consisting of files that have extensions .dvd and .iso, and then rewrite.