You will need
  • A personal computer program MidpX
For example, you can use the emulator 2_sjboy.exe. Download and install it on the computer. As soon as you open the phone game, the software will translate them in an accessible format automatically. The interface will be as in the phone. MidpX is a program that copes with the opening of the games on the computer. Download and install it on the computer. It can run the most common formats. Run the file. The program converts one format to another automatically. Before you open the working window, which resembles a mobile phone. In MidpX you will see a control panel where you can specify if necessary the required parameters in the settings. In order to play using this emulator in the game, we must learn to use virtual buttons. Control is performed like on a real phone. When you press a key on the computer will pressed a button on the monitor.
Similar to MidpX emulator is KEmulator Lite v0.9.7. In the program can choose the language with which you will be easier to work with. So you can play using KEmulator Lite v0.9.7, download and install the emulator on the computer. Run the program. Next, click on "Midlet". Select "Load jar". Next, locate the game you wish to include. Click "Open".
You can also use the program "JADgen". It similarly changes the formats. To start playing, take the desired file and drag it into the program window. Can just click the left mouse button on the window and select the desired game. To aid is the program running line that shows you what to do. When you select a file, JADgen will change its format. When done, you can start the game. The name of the game in the process sometimes varies, but that's okay.