You will need
  • - plane;
  • - planer;
  • - parketoshlifovalnye machine.
If the boards a bit, try to whittle their hand plane. Securing a Board in a stationary state, remove irregularities from the surface, however, note that the shorter the sole of the tool, the more likely it is that you will not be able to get rid of the wavy irregularities of the Board. Therefore, it is better to take a tool with a long sole.
For processing large quantities of lumber use elektrorubanki is the easiest way to straighten a Board, to give it a sleek look or to fit the desired size. Unlike the hand planer to work with this tool no need to have years of carpentry skills; he has a comfortable design and a wide platform that allows to consider more of the treated surface and to avoid the appearance of waves. Also lock the Board and slowly remove perekashivayutsya part of a broad-based planer after removal of the deformation itself will be released on the desired plane. Keep in mind when aligning boards a plane that the average thickness decreases.
No matter how whereitis, you still will not be able to align each Board to avoid further processing, so while stacking rough lumber on the floor pull the Board as close as possible to each other and fasten with screws to the joists. Do not worry if after installation your floor has started to resemble "tree": can be bended areas that do not fall under the log and was not fastened with screws. To correct this deficiency, after the installation of the floor proceed to polishing. Rent or buy parketoshlifovalnye scraping the car and treat the entire floor. If you are confident, invite a specialist who will carry out this work.