Advice 1: How to decorate a cake

When making pies leave the pieces of dough or cropping to make them a decoration on the surface of the pie. Be creative and sculpt dough, a variety of figures, to dress up cakes with ornaments, the cake was pleasing to the eye.
How to decorate a cake
You will need
    • Cropping test
    • knife
    • plug
    • eggs
    • sugar
    • fresh berries
    • jelly cake
    • mixer.
Garnish edge of cake.
Spread the dough over the baking dish so that the edges of the dough was on the same level with the edge forms. Press flat the tines of a fork to the dough to make a fluted border.
Make ornaments from scraps of dough.
Take pieces of dough from the scraps, form fingers flat leaves. The tip of a knife to draw veins.
Leaves can be decorated as the top of the pie closed, and to let the border open pie.
Roll the pieces of dough three long thin flagellum. Twist their pigtail. Pigtail shaped position on top of the cake.
Roll the dough out into a thin layer, cut from it the narrow stripes. Take stripes in two pieces and weave for them from the rope.
Either place the strips on top of the open pie to form lattice.
Form a bunch of grapes from pieces of dough.
Roll small balls of dough the size of a grape. Lay out balls on the surface of the closed pie like grapes. Make a small tail, which will stick two pieces of dough.
Decorate outdoor or berry cheesecake "cap" of whipped egg whites.
Separate the whites from the yolks. Whip the egg whites with a mixer until fluffy foam, add the sugar, continue to beat until high peaks.
Five minutes before readiness of the pie, remove it from the oven, distribute the protein mass on the surface, put it in the oven to brown the proteins.
Decorate sponge cake with fresh berries.
Put fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries on sponge cake ready. Berries were shiny and did not fall off the surface of the cake when cut, cover the top of the pie, jelly cake.
Dissolve the packet of jelly cake in cold water. Put on fire, bring to a boil. Hot jelly pour the berries evenly on top of the cake.
To jewelry from scraps of dough does not spread when baking, add a little flour and remember the dough to make it more cool.
Useful advice
Ornaments from dough, before placing in the oven, grease with a yolk, so they baked turned out beautiful Golden brown.

Advice 2: How to decorate outdoor pie

The mistress always wants to have her cake was not only the most delicious but also looked appetizing and beautiful. Special efforts and interest are required in the preparation of sweet open pie. How to decorate an open pie? it is important to pay attention to some nuances, and eventually the pie will turn out just stunning.
How to decorate outdoor pie

Little tricks

Little to learn to bake pies, it is important to experiment with the stuffing and exterior design, to again and again to impress family and friends. Manufacturer of cake decorations also a kind of art that will help to put a personality in every baked product. In this case, the main thing is to have creativity and imagination. But as ideas simply may not have the time, you can modify the appearance using the already tried and tested by other Housewives ideas.

Decoration for the cake is better to make any of the basic dough, either cooked separately. Separate the dough is prepared either sweet (with sugar) or grated (containing flour, yeast and water). Decorate flan, you can use carved or sculptured figures. Before you start to cut or sculpt, you need the edges of the cake neatly cut and moistened with water so that the dough is well combined among themselves. Periodically to moisten the fingers so that the dough does not stick much to your hands. Before baking a cake the oven should be well warmed up. And to achieve a browned crust get if for 10 minutes until cooked pie to lubricate it with warm milk, beaten egg or just sweet water.

Impressive and beautiful

As mentioned above, the decoration to open the pie will serve as figures that can be cut using a small kitchen knife in the shape of hearts, birds, flowers and everything that comes into my head.

But figures can be and blind, for example, outdoor cake you can decorate a kind of woven strips of dough. It would first need to roll the dough out, the thickness of which will be 3-4 cm, cut identical strips, each of which twist and twist among themselves in the harness.

Also cut strips to weave braids one or two more, laying them in a circle pie. In addition, you can not just decorate a cake, but to create a whole work of art in different ways-twisting, turning, and twisting incised layers of dough. In stores, often there are different topping for cakes, which can serve as a decoration for an open pie. It can be colorful beads, and colored sugar. Or natural topping: poppy seeds, raisins, nuts, cocoa, chocolate chips, different fruits and berries. With a little ingenuity and imagination you can quickly and easily bake a fairy loaf.
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