You will need
  • -passport
  • -joint statement to the Registrar's office with the child's mother
  • -birth certificate of the child
  • -notarized authorization from the child's mother
  • -the judgment upon the refusal of the mother to grant the permission
Write an application to the Registrar's office in conjunction with the child's mother about the change of the document of the child and entered in the birth certificate of the child information about the father.
Mother of the child shall be a notarized permission to change the information in the birth certificate of the child and the particulars of the father.
In the statement specify your details, details of the child's mother and the child. Specify the reason why information about the father was not made to a document before, and the reason why you want to make the child's documents, information about themselves.
If the child's mother does not give permission for the issue of paternity, you must undergo DNA tests to establish paternity and to apply to the court. By the court decision only you can make the paternity and enter information about the father on the child's documents.
If you are not the father of the child, for registration of paternity, the child need to adopt. To do to collect the documents necessary for adoption and go to court. Only after the court decision you can get the status of the father.