If the child was born out of wedlock, and the mother decided not to register the father of the child's official parent, the birth certificate is "blank" or written to father according to mother. The name of the Pope in a document such as your mom, even if it's not true.

Even after receiving such certificate of birth, parents (by mutual consent) establish paternity of the child and to change the birth certificate. For this purpose in the Registrar's office must submit the following documents:

- the passports of both parents

- a statement of paternity,

- birth certificate of the child.

If the paternity of the child can be how to assign the name of the father and leave the mother's surname.

After the procedure of establishing paternity old birth certificate of the child parents have withdrawn and issued new, which shows both parents. The document will be written that name, which pointed out the mother and father in the certificate of paternity.

Normally a new birth certificate is issued on the same day with proof of paternity. If the family lives abroad, documents can be issued at the Consulate of the Russian Federation, but in this case, getting a new birth certificate can take several months.