Go to court with a claim "to establish paternity and recover child support." This statement you need to submit either your residence or at the place of residence of the defendant, the child's father.
Remember that to establish paternity in court you need to submit any evidence confirming the origin of the child from a particular person. In addition, the court at any stage of the process may appoint a medical examination on its own initiative or at the request of interested parties. Genetic examination is the most expensive procedure, and if the results will be the fact of paternity of a person, deviating from this, the defendant will be required to pay all costs associated with the examination.
If the defendant was summoned for the hearing, but against the examination, then, as practice shows, the court may recognize him as the father of a child without this procedure.
In addition, if the child's father agrees to admit paternity, he should contact the civil registry office and register there. It will be much easier.
In any case, failure of the father to plead a parent, sue in court and ensure that genetic forensic medical examination, as compared with other methods only it is able to give 100% result.
Although you offer to do biological and genetic examination in case if none of the parties will not be enough money to pay for an expensive examination and you will have other evidence which directly or indirectly will prove the paternity of the person to whom the action is brought.
If the results of the examination and by other evidence to be confirmed, the origin of the child from the alleged father, the court will make a decision about paternity and alimony.