You will need
  • - the passports of both parents;
  • - application for establishing paternity;
  • - the application for registration of birth of the child;
  • receipt about payment of state duty;
  • medical birth certificate or a certificate issued by the Registrar;
  • - the court's decision.
If the man admits paternity and agrees to perform all of the ensuing liabilities, in order to fit it into the birth certificate of the child, contact the office of the Registrar at the place of birth of the baby or your residence. Write a joint statement about the establishment of paternity and the statement on birth registration. Forms you can obtain in the Registrar's office or print of the background legal bases.
Pay in the savings Bank the state fee in the amount of 200 rubles and attach the receipt to the statement. In addition, during the initial registration of the child you will need a medical certificate about the birth, but if it has previously been registered by mother's statement – birth certificate issued by the civil registry office. Don't forget to bring your passport.
After entering the information about you and your child in the record books of acts of civil status you will receive 2 documents: the certificate on establishment of paternity and the birth certificate. So the kid will officially be your father and will have the same rights in relation to him as children born in wedlock.
In addition, the father may file an individual application for establishing paternity voluntarily, if the child's mother died, declared legally incapable, is deprived of parental rights or her location is not established.
If the father refuses the recognition of their baby and the responsibilities of the parent, contact the court at his place of residence with a claim of paternity. In the statement, specify the name of the court, surname, name, patronymic, address of residence, the same data of the Respondent. Mark, have you been in the actual marital relationship, lived together and were a common household. Give evidence of living together (help the housing authorities, correspondence, postcards, letters, money transfers, photographs, witness statements, etc.).
Next, write about what you have born a child, but his father does not recognize itself as such, and refuses to take part in his upbringing and content. State your requirements: establish paternity, collect child support, question witnesses, etc. If necessary, apply the purpose of molecular-genetic examination. Keep in mind: if the defendant refuses its holding, the court may grant you your request at once and to acknowledge and without examination.
Received at the hands of the judgment in your favor, contact the registry office a statement of paternity. Pay the state duty of 200 rubles, attach the receipt to the statement. Upon completion of registration you will be given a certificate of paternity and a new birth certificate of the child, as the information about the father.