You will need
  • -statement of claim
  • -a copy of the claim
  • -copy of certificate of marriage (or its termination)
  • -copy of birth certificate of the child (children)
  • -certificate of employment of the Respondent about the level of wages and deductions from it
  • -help from the housing authorities about the presence of the child (Ren) are dependents of the claimant
The application must be written in written form in accordance with the requirements of article No. 131-132 the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation. In any court hanging form the correct registration of a claim. If you find it difficult to write the statement yourself, you can always consult a professional lawyer for help.
In the statement of claim must specify the name of the court in which you file the application. Specify the city or area of jurisdiction.
Surname, name, patronymic of the claimant i.e. you. Your registration address.
Surname, first name and patronymic of the defendant that is the person you are applying for child support. Its registered address and address of actual place of residence.
Next, write a claim statement about the recovery of maintenance for the child or children and indicate the number of children.
Describe when you came into the marriage with a citizen of the defendant, to what number month and year you lived together. When the marriage is dissolved, you must specify the number of month and year. If the marriage is not terminated, but you are not living together, then you can specify what day month and year a joint household is not conducted. If not terminated the marriage and cohabitation indicate that you live together.
Specify, what from the joint marriage, and in what quantity. Write the name of each child, the number month and year of birth of each of children.
Write what the children are your dependents that the Respondent financial assistance for the maintenance of children does not.
Whether the defendant has other children other than your own, and are his deductions on the writs of execution in favour of other children.
Then you must write:In accordance with article No. 80, No. 81 of the Family code of the Russian Federation, asking to recover with (indicate the name and address of the defendant, a native of some region or city). In my favor alimony (indicate the names of children and date of birth of each child). The size of all kinds of earnings on a monthly basis starting from the date of filing the application and up to the age of children.
Submit the documents and the defendant was awarded alimony payments from the date of filing of the complaint. The amount of alimony will depend on whether there are still minor children of the defendant.