You will need
  • - ShowExif;
  • - ACDSee Photo Manager.
When you press the shutter button the camera are multiple processes that use the internal stuffing of the device (electronic circuit). One of them is writing data to a file of any format. Data name, which are included in the description of the file exceeds a few tens of parameters: manufacturer, camera model, orientation, date, pixel count, white balance, version of the image, tilt the flash, etc.
Among all these options, you can find the number of captured still images. With the help of a program ShowExif you can not only find a particular value, but also to edit any of the above parameters, and many others. Information about the graphics file format is called metadata. Metadata is encoded information.
The program ShowExif is a free product and it takes up about 1 MB, so you will not be difficult to download it from the Internet. It does not require installation and is started by double-clicking the left mouse button on the icon of the camera.
After it starts, specify the path to the directory with the photos captured in the test chamber. In the download list, select any image and select it. In the right part of the window will be a multi-level table with data about photos.
Look for Total Number of Shutter Releases is the value of this parameter is the desired size (number of recorded images).
If you use as a viewer for graphic files on your computer the program ACDSee, the number of shots you can learn in a different way. Open any image captured with your camera and press Ctrl + Enter. The value can be found in the Total row Number.
Sometimes sellers cameras artificially reset the values of internal counters – this makes for a more profitable sales techniques. Also, this value may not correspond to valid data, if the camera shutter has ever been replaced by a new one.