Save black and white photo of the family archive, footage of a military chronicle or history of the country for an unlimited period of time, transferring them to digital format. Priceless documents, the faces in the faded photographs are kept in family albums, in boxes lie. They crumble, deteriorate from moisture, break from dry, fade. These photos and documents could not be repeated, as it is impossible to return the past time. Save them you want the descendants to remember their roots and their history and appreciate it. It's one thing to hear about war and quite another to see the face of his great-grandfather in military uniform, before leaving for the front, to catch a General generic resemblance, to feel the common past and present.

Digitizing with a digital camera

One of the ways to digitize old photos – take a photo with a digital camera. Transfer and save the files to a separate folder on your computer with no additional image processing or after retouching and enhancements in the photo editor. Having sorted all images can create large files.

The disadvantages of this method needs to return the glare, distortion when photographing, if a photographing Amateur. Better if it will make a professional photographer with special equipment. It's not cheap and if the old photographs a lot, then this method becomes very costly.

Digitizing with a scanner

An alternative method of digitizing photos is much easier. It is available to the computer user, with the status of the advanced user.

Just scan the photo, save it in a separate folder and expensive pictures will be available for viewing on any computer, laptop or mobile device and to print copies.

To use for this purpose the best flatbed scanners with a resolution of about 2400 DPI or higher. Scanners, included multifunction (printer+scanner+copier) is mainly for copying the documents and do not provide quality images when scanning.

Find in devices of your computer, the scanner, right-click "scan" and once the scan is complete, save the file by selecting the appropriate format.

If you intend to print, then save in the format of Photo.

If you want to save the resulting image in the best form possible, then choose the format BMP. This format takes up to several hundred megabytes, so remember that your computer may not be enough for all digitized so photos.

The most common JPEG format compresses images, therefore, quality loss is inevitable, but not critical. But it will allow you to save to your computer many files and create a large archive.

After saving the scanned images, they can be processed in any graphic editor. Better, of course, the program Adobe Photoshop, but it's perfect and Paint Net.

Digitize old photos you need urgently without any delays. There are cases when the heirs put it on the trash piles of old photo albums without having the desire or ability to store the history of a bygone people.

Who knows what the old album, in which house can be kept unknown photos of famous writers or retired politicians. Maybe your ancestors once had their picture taken with the students or Lyubov Orlova? Digitize history, frozen in old photographs, for posterity, do not take the time for it.