You will need
  • The thread hook (No. 3)
Attach the string to the rightmost loop of your linked articles two or three knots. Do one loop of the air – guide the hook beneath the thread loops of the base and pull your working thread out. Enter the hook in the 2nd loop of the base, throw in a working thread (away from you), pull it through the loop. Now you have on hook turns 2 of the loop. Make another yo, and slide the thread through both loops. Pass the hook into the second loop of the base and repeat the same process. Tie a column without nakida the entire edge of your things. If you decide to make another row, add one air loop after the last column, turn the product from right to left and continue to knit the same pattern.
To make the region more airy, better to use a column with nakida. After vyvazhivanija air loop make one yo (myself) and enter the hook into the second loop of the base, pull it through the thread. Do yo, guide the thread through the hook on the extreme left of the loop and the previous yo. Make one more yo and pull it through two loops remaining on the hook.
Another option, is the most decorative of these, the lush bars. Provarite the first row of columns without nakida and make two air loops for lifting. Of the first hinge base vivacite lush column: make a yo, insert the hook under both threads of the loop of the base, pull the working thread, make another yo, and then insert the hook into the same hole and pull the thread, repeat this process 2-3 times. After that, make another yo, and all loops on the hook provarite together making a loop. Make a yo and provarite her. Enter 2 air loop, skip one loop of the base and next repeat the entire algorithm for creating a lush pile.