You will need
  • two of the tangle of monochrome or multi-colored threads;
  • hook;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Securely fasten the thread at the end of the knitting. For this you need to run one air loop, not pulling her too. Then cut the working thread, leaving a "tail" with a length of about 7-10 centimeters.
Pull the hook loose piece of thread through the resulting air loop and gently tighten it. At the end of the last row forms a tidy knot. Try not too pull the edge of the item that it is not deformed.
The free end of the thread remaining upon completion of the work, it is recommended to hide in an inconspicuous place. Drag the "tail" hook "faces" stuff on its underside. Then carefully use boot thread for the wrong arch bars until it is fully seated in the fabric. Make sure that your manipulations do not impact on the quality of the facial pattern.
Try to fix the thread at a certain area of the canvas, if required by the manual on knitting. For example, it may be necessary for subsequent binding edge of the finished product. This same method can be used to tie the thread when there is a need to continue with a new skein of yarn. To start, you need to pull crochet a small loop from the remaining length of thread.
Now do one yo and pull the thread through the loop that is on the hook. Ensure that the remainder of the first working of the line was not too short.
If you want to continue knitting on, then enter a new thread, make the first column according to the basic pattern and continue a number. At the same time for better fixation of the stem" old threads it is recommended to weave it into the work provatas so the site is about five centimeters long.
Then pull the rest of the trimmed threads (not included in the work). Be careful not to pull the knit fabric! The extra part cut off; sure that she remained on the wrong side of things.
Connect the threads of another color in multicolor knitting way: a thread from the old spool clip (unless necessary) or set aside (if she will soon appear in the work); make yo from new threads, and from the same material finish the loop. Then you can continue to work on the product according to the colored pattern.