You will need
  • hook;
  • - thread.
Starting work, consider the combination of the finished work and the finishing. Typically, processing takes the same thread from which to knit the bottom part or thread of a contrasting colour, but of the same composition (it must be repeated on the product as a whole).
Usually for tying a hook is taken of smaller diameter than the spokes or the hook, which was in contrast to the product. The best option is to hook No. 2 when knitting with yarns of average thickness, with a significant deviation of this parameter is usually set the hook on 1-1,5 rooms thinner than was done to the product.
The simplest method of tying is to use normal columns without nakida, with one nakida or polytypical - selection of a particular form of tying – over artist. In this case, attach the thread to the beginning part (the seam connecting two parts), gradually objazyvaet the product in a circle, then secure the thread and trim.
In some cases, parts can be tied "crayfish step"- columns without nakida be typed on the hook from left to right, and then without turning work promazyvaetsya two.
If desired, the end of the piece you can tie the Tunisian crochet, but for this method of knitting need a special long hook.
If necessary, the end can be tied off not one row of crochet, and a few – at the request of knitters. In this case, usually the first number should represent the number of columns without nakida or polostevichi, second row is usually performed with columns with one nakida, in the future, the choice of pattern depends on the willingness of skilled workers and specific purpose of the product – on the jacket sports style openwork border will look highly inappropriate.
If desired, and compatibility openwork crochet edging can be knit separately – made stripe openwork pattern to the desired height and length, it then undergoes heat treatment (wetting and steam iron through a thin cloth), and then the finished edging can be sewn to the finished product. In this case, the beginning of the knitting of the border becomes a regular chain of air loops crocheted.