Basic rules

To get the most serious business attire, men's blue suit are advised to wear soft, white, pure white color shirts and the color of ivory. Also works for a presentable impression it is advisable to choose double breasted suit, which looks more formal compared to single breasted cut. These suits are best men tall and average body weight.

Men medium and low growth stylists recommend to give preference to models with six-button placket, buttoned in the middle. Low men should avoid blue suits business suits with four buttons – they will shorten them even more and give the width of the figure.

In addition, the advantage of the blue suit is its low-key, which can be emphasized by using white shirts, complemented by ties with patterns or plain/patterned handkerchiefs. If a man needs to look as closely as possible, it is necessary to choose a blue suit with solid components, whereas a bright and stylish look you can create by wearing under a suit, blue shirt with colored stripes. As for shoes, it is best to this costume fit dark brown or black shoes.

Additional recommendations

Mens blue suit for many years remains relevant and universal. In the informal setting of his classic modesty are encouraged to emphasize scarves bright saturated colors. For official meetings, ceremonies and other occasions perfect blue suit with a soft sheen fabric, with stripes (simple or embossed) and also with different style. Modern dandies successfully combine this suit with a shirt in a tonal blue hue or jacket mocha or cocoa (gray or brown).

Fans can pick up ties under the blue costume accessory Burgundy or stand out from the crowd, preferring the inky tie it advantageously emphasizes the basic tone of the costume. No less impressive with a blue suit will look original and tie with a print. Men can combine with a suit of blue causing a bright color, such as suede juicy red or orange. The main thing - do not overdo it with bright accents, not to become a parrot.