Advice 1: How to wear a shirt with a t-shirt

Fashion to wear a shirt with a t-shirt there a few years ago and has become a popular trend among men. Today, however, such a set is often chosen and girls, because the tandem t-shirts and shirts very comfortable and allows you to create a stylish casual look. Particular attention when combining when combining should be paid to colours and finish.
How to wear a shirt with a t-shirt

How to combine shirt and t-shirt

Men's fashion did not show special requirements to the combination in one set t-shirts and shirts. To this day men prefer to wear down a white base to combine the top of almost any tone. More stylish guys in addition to white t-shirts to wear pieces with prints and drawings.

Women's fashion is more demanding. Girls are boring to wear only solid-color products and the weaker sex has often decided to experiment. To a set of t-shirts and shirts not turned too extreme and tasteless, stylists recommend to follow a few rules.

If the shirt is bright and visible print, t-shirt, it is better to choose a modest, plain. While it should go perfectly with the top. For example, one of the tones on the shirt. Also suitable option, when the t-shirt color combined with the bottom (shorts or pants). In this case, the shirts can be in contrast.

Under the shirt do not choose the shirt type Polo. Two collar will look too massive and will result in overloaded. Under the shirt is better to wear a simple t-shirt with rounded neckline.

Buttoning a shirt should only be the case if she's wearing a simple t-shirt. If the bottom product is present figure, an interesting print or label, the top should be left open. The alternative is to tie the bottom ends of the shirt.

With a shirt you can wear t-shirts with short or long sleeves. In the second case, stylists recommend a little wrap top sleeves. So will result in a harmonious and stylish.

T-shirt under the shirt: the most popular solution

Today t-shirt under my shirt – one of the major trends in women's fashion. Such a combination is often chosen not only by students and Housewives, but also a business woman and celebrity. Among the latter angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Lindsay Lohan, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Watson, etc. the popularity of the kit lies in its convenience and versatility.

The most popular kit is the connection of the t-shirts and plaid shirts. This casual image perfect for walking, relaxing, sitting in a cafe or on outdoor dates. Under a plaid shirt you can wear a plain t-shirt or product with print. The main rule: the color of the lower things must at least be monitored at the top.

If the shirt has no print, it is necessary to fasten, but not necessarily tight. It is sufficient to connect one or two buttons in the center or from the bottom to the middle. If you wish to wear the top unbuttoned, add a decoration on the neck. For example, a pendant on a long chain.

Plaid shirt and graphic t-shirt is also perfectly combined with each other. In the preparation of the kit should pay attention to color harmony, "base": the basic tone top and pants/shorts. Will result in beautiful and stylish, if their tones are almost identical. The shirt in this case will act as a contrasting element.

The second common trend is the denim shirt. Under these perfect white cotton t-shirt. Stylish will look black or beige product. Colored t-shirts in this set, you must maintain the identical tone accessories and parts.

Advice 2: What to wear with plaid shirt

Plaid shirt, which was originally a staple of the cowboys gained a lot of fans around the world. It is equally loved by both men and women. The secret of popularity lies in its convenience and versatility.
What to wear with plaid shirt
By choosing the right plaid print and style shirts, you can go to work in the office. Even in this shirt will be comfortable on a walk with friends or a movie or shopping.

How to choose a shirt in a cage

Choose a shirt made of natural materials: flax, cotton, etc. Synthetics will make her look cheap, and the service life is short.

Properly chosen size the shirt should puff up and go in the chest area closed.

Shirt length must be sufficient so that she did not open the back when bending and not to come out, if it is to fill inside.

Women with curvaceous should buy this shirt in a large square, as smaller ones will add more volume. Slim women can select any.

What to wear with plaid shirt

Most often, a plaid shirt can be found in complete with jeans. It's a win-win option, provided that the jeans classic style without unnecessary decoration in the form of Ruche, rhinestone and sequins. Allowed contrast-stitch or embroidery on jeans.

If you want to hide problem areas in the waist, the shirt should be worn untucked. Owner of a slender figure can afford to tuck my shirt inside of the jeans and add a wide belt. Adding a set of chunky boots, you get the image of a country style.

Jeans can easily replace the skirt is made of dark thick fabric. This kit should be worn ankle boots or high boots.

A long shirt you can wear with leggings. The main condition – the shirt should cover the buttocks. Choosing a plaid print bright colors, will work great for trips with friends or parties outside the city.

The fitted shirt looks great combined with a skirt-Maxi. The color of the skirt should repeat colors in a plaid print. The shirt needs to be refilled, and the belt to emphasize the slim strap.

Beige check, as in the famous print of the brand Burberry is perfect for office set or for a hike in the institution. This shirt can be combined with classic light trousers and heels.

In cool weather, over the shirt, you can wear a cardigan, releasing the collar to the outside, or a leather jacket. Complete with jeans or shorts is acceptable to use the shirt as outerwear, wearing under her white t-shirt.

Buttoned up shirt visually adds volume to the upper body. When an "inverted triangle" it is better to open a couple of buttons on top.
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