In hospitals of Germany has a certain tradition: as long as the child is not named, the mother has no right to leave the hospital. After all, vpisyvayas, the mother receives a special child document (like a passport), which must be mentioned his name. In our country to register the name of the baby in the registry office within one month after his birth. Otherwise, disputes and litigation with the child, which is routed right to name the child at their discretion. In order to correctly identify your child, it is important to listen to some advice.
Choosing a baby name based on patronymics, you must follow certain rules. First of all, name and patronymic must be in perfect harmony with that first name and go well with the surname. As for the couple name, it would be better, if a given pair of R will be contained in a single copy – either in name, or middle name, for example, Maria Ivanovna, Veronica Pavlovna. This is an optional rule, but it will be more convenient to apply to a person when he grows up. In addition, the ridiculous combination of unique (rare) names with rustic names, for example: Angelica Potapova. In this case a beautiful range of sound must be respected.
Any name definitely has a meaning, and the expectant mother you should definitely read the directory names. From this book you can find a lot of useful and interesting things, and in the end, to choose. Even the most ordinary names can have a very interesting value, for example, the girl's name Larisa Chayka and Marina "of the sea , and they come to the patronymic Alexandrovna.
As for the names of distant or deceased relatives, it is important not only to look at the first name, but also to follow the basic rules:- in any case it is not necessary to assign the baby a name of a deceased relative, the more of the deceased is not his death, who died from a serious illness or has lived a very unfortunate, though the name and patronymic will be in harmony, but as they say "fate is transmitted through the name ;
- if you have any friend with that name and patronymic, which you prepare for your child, ask – are your familiar with his name and his life if he thinks that his life could have turned out differently if he had another name, more in tune with the middle name.