Choosing a beautiful name for a girl, you need to consider several important factors: seasonality of birth of the child, the sweetness of the name and its value, compatibility with the middle name and last name, family and clan traditions. Time of the year in which the child was born, lays in it certain traits. "Winter" children are often strong-willed, determined and decisive. So the girls born in the cold months, it is advisable to name names due to the melodious sound of the vowel sounds soften natural "severity" character: Anastasia, Anna, Svetlana, Andrea, Polina, angelina. "Spring" girls usually windy, fickle, giggly and touchy. Also quite a soft character and have "summer" children are trusting, kind, vulnerable. In order to give the character the girls born in the spring and summer some firmness, decisiveness and independence, the names should be selected with a hard sound: Tamara, Margaret, Daria, Marina, Christina. The characters of "autumn" girls the most balanced, so the names you can pick up both hard and soft. You need to make sure those names sounded nice, had good value and were combined with a patronymic and a surname of the girl.
The name value also has an important role on the formation of character, and the choice of name is to ask – what features it is able to give the girl. If "winter" to give your child the power of the name, then the family can get the little tyrant and despot. It is also not recommended to call girls by names derived from male: Vasilisa, Paul, Eugene, Alexandra, Valentina, Valeria – energy male named will impose a corresponding print on the character of the girl, suppressing her natural femininity and tenderness.
The euphonious name, a beautiful combination of his middle name and surname, the sound derived from this name – is also very important. Choosing an exotic name from your favorite movie or book, you can send a girl to the constant taunts of her peers. Juliet I. or Georgette p. sound inharmonious to our perception, and the person with the same name and father's name throughout life will have to listen to the ironic comments and jokes in his address.
If the family has a tradition to choose a name in honor of the relatives, it is best to stay on behalf of a person who has lived an interesting, decent life, without privation and misery, not to build a negative subconscious associations between the fates of the newborn and deceased relative. If the girl's parents honor the Christian tradition, the choice of name can be trusted with the Church calendar. This can either be any canonical name or that name, which falls in the calendar on the day of the birth of the baby. Beautiful Orthodox names will provide the girls not only harmony, but also certain traits: Anna – grace, Catherine – pure; Ksenia – the wanderer; nick – victory. A return to ancient traditions will allow you to give the girl not only a gentle, warm-sounding name, but also lay an important basis in the shaping of her destiny: Glad – giving joy; Tsvetelina – blooming; Milolika – cute face; Yesenia – born in the fall.