For babies born in the first winter month, December, is most suitable names: Natalia, Polina, Irina and Vera. Here is a list of names that the December girls do not call: Tatiana, Alla, Elena and Alina. So says the belief about choosing a baby name based on the time of year and month of his birth.
Some Christian parents try to name their children according to the Church calendar, the calendar. There is an important role the day and month of birth. Generally, the calendar is the Church calendar which outlines all holidays and memorial days of the saints. The calendar kid gets the Holy name, the day of remembrance which falls on the date of birth of the child. To choose a name for girls born in December, you should review the Church calendar for the first month of winter.
On December 2, accounts for the name Euphemia (efimia, Efimia, Efimia).

On December 3, Anna, Vauva, Denoise, Thekla.

Dec 4: glikeriya (Lusha).

5 Dec: Apphia, Cyprian (Cyprina), Cecilia (Kilikia, dolmama).

7 December: August, Catherine, Mastridia.

8 Dec: Anfisa, Victoria.

December 9: Anna.

10 December: the Thekla.

December 14: of Kallinikos.

15 Dec: Myopia ( meropa, Maropea).

16 Dec: glikeriya (Lusha).

17 December: Barbara, Juliana (Juliana, Juliana), Christodoulos.

20 Dec: Sinforosa, Straty, Philotheus.

21 Dec: Anfisa, Victoria.

December 22: Anna.

Dec 23: angelina, Eulalia.

26 Dec: Anastasia, Cyprian (Cyprina), Luke (Lucius).

December 28: John (Ivan, Ivan), Seosan (Susana, Susana).

December 29, Solomon, Sophia, Feofania.

31 Dec: Elizabeth (Elizabeth, Lisaveta, Lizaveta), Zoe, Sofia.

On 1, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 24, 25, 27, 30 Dec do not fall for a single day of memory sacred.