Sometimes a child receives a name in honor of the mother or father. If you decide that your family should be two Alexander and Lyudmila, think of the diminutive little different from yours. Then the little Darling will not be confused with my mother Luda, and son Sasha with his dad Sasha.
Another popular technique is a combination of parts of the names of the parents. Usually the resulting word is called girls. Little girl with a sonorous and strange names have Itala, Dana, Sana or Containers are not so rare. Before giving an unusual name, son, think about future grandchildren – because they have to be no less unusual middle name.
It is more secure to choose the name of the already existing and quite harmonious. For example, the daughter of Sergei and Anna can be called a Rose, and son – Arcenciel. If parents ' names are Taras and Tatiana, support the family tradition. Children suitable names Timothy, Timur, Tamara or Taisa.
Finding a suitable name, be sure to consider how it will sound in combination with the middle name. Perhaps the idea to name the daughter of Oleg Olga is cute and original, but the grown up girl will be called Olga Olegovna that doesn't sound too nice. The more complex the utterance, the patronymic, the easier should be the name. The son of Eugene name Peter, or Elijah, but innocent or Anatoly will create an unpronounceable combination.
Especially careful should be with foreign and obsolete names. If your name is Roland, it is not necessary to name the baby Mail or by Glafira. But it suited Alice, Alina Maria or – the combination is unusual, but quite harmonious.
Consider whether your chosen name combined with the surname. For example, a girl with a difficult name like Sour it is not necessary to give the name of the Lily or the rose. Pick another, not carrying additional meaning.
Write invented a name, a patronymic and a surname. The initials should also look beautiful. If three letters are set in a row, form a funny or meaningful combination, look for other options.