First name, perfectly combined with a patronymic Nikitichna, Anastasia. Translated from Greek into Russian language it means "resurrection." Such girls are very friendly. They are universal favorites, as are kindness and gentleness. They are not characterized by anger and aggression. The girl grows dreamy and romantic. She has a rich imagination and seeks to gain universal love. Of these people in the future make excellent psychologists, child educators and artist.
Another name that is a patronymic Nikitichna - Alexander. Sasha's have a very lively and solid nature. They are often male. They can easily establish their business and achieve their goals. Alexandra can become successful businessmen and are notorious careerists. They have a chaotic but rich in imagination and try to subjugate all people.
Another name combined with a patronymic Nikitichna, Maria. These girls have contradictory and irritable character. they are easily subjected to environmental influences and the influence of external factors. However, Masha has enough hardness and stiffness, to cope with all the difficulties of life and to punish the offender. If people have Mary's friend, she is able to share inner warmth, empathize with him and help. Such girls grow up to be a faithful wife, for whom family comes first.
Hope is another female name that fits the middle name Nikitichna. Such girls are often stubborn and emotional. They are the creative natures. In the school years can enjoy dancing, singing, music. In the class try to surround yourself exclusively with girls, and in the company occupy leading positions. In his youth, Nadi can get involved in turbulent relationships, but after creating a family and having children is a passion for such adventures gradually begins to fade. More adult Hopes to retain his emotions, but learn to control your feelings and not flaunting them. Their children, these women are brought up in rigor, instilling respect for adults.
Also with the middle name Nikitichna perfectly and other female names. Among them was Natalia, Martha, Galina, Barbara, Valeria and Praskovya.