Middle name Y. in the character of its owner brings cunning, prudence and selfishness. Yurevichi are usually enough conflict people, it's not too easy to establish relationships with others, especially at work. This is compounded by the fact that the owners of that middle names rarely make good workers, almost always they require tight control.
The family Yu is not a leader, but quite often in conflict with home, trying to defend their point of view and lapping the impregnable appearance. It is easy to convince of anything, if we turn to reason, not emotions. However, it is impossible to call the possessor of the patronymic logic.
Yu quickly interested in a variety of interesting lessons, but he soon loses interest in him. The winners of this patronymic are often the amorous natures that are willing to chase a certain ideal image of a woman's life, their quest rarely succeed.
Often the Yu is very like her mother, she is the perfect female for him, he is looking at other women. It is not surprising that his whole life is under its strong influence, including after marriage.
In spite of a conflicting character, when Yu want to please people and to charm them, he does it without any problems. In this he was assisted by a wonderful sense of humor and charm.
From Jurievich make excellent athletes if they engage in sports since childhood, often reach a significant results. The most suitable sports for them — a bar or box. However, if to get owners of this patronymic to do something, they get angry and often stop.
If Yu get married, it's safe to say that his wife will have a strong-willed, strong character, so Yu will have to adapt to it. Because of this, the family often have unpleasant conflict situation, which is not always possible to resolve.
With this middle name goes best with the following names: Maxim, Michael, Alex, Anton, Alexander, Sergey, Oleg, Paul. All these names have a softer, sophisticated energy, soften the sharp edges of the character of Yu, helped him become more patient. If you want to spare your child from selfishness and prudence, call him Alexander, Michael or Alex. This is the most "altruistic" in their power names.