Ordinary flatbed trucks and tractors is the simplest type of trucks. In the office with them there are some special difficulties and problems. The only criterion of complexity is the difference in size and weight, so you have more control when manipulating the accelerator and the wheel.
One level higher in complexity management - trailers and semi-trailers. The most difficult when management is able to control occurring involuntary movements of the cargo container or truck container to the rear. Make very careful manipulations with hands turning the wheel smoothly, without sudden movements, to prevent accidental departure from the saddle of the trailer.
In addition, keep in mind that the weight of the trailer can be very significant relative to the mass of a towing vehicle, especially if it is a burden. So be careful, try to move very smoothly and leave a necessary margin of distance for braking.
In the case of partial container load place the load as close to the saddle that will give it additional stability, and will facilitate the task of the unit at the beginning of the movement. This will allow you to save much fuel consumption especially in city traffic.
While riding around town on a truck, you will face another serious obstacle – turns, which are usually very narrow. For this reason, firms that are engaged in cargo transportation, establish certain routes, which can move with semi-trailers and trailers without frequent stops.
Right turns for large trucks mostly need to undergo the following way: at the entrance point the truck closer to the center of the road. Thus, we obtain a radius through which the shear angle will not be under the wheels, and your truck will not drive on the curb. Leaving the turn, add a little fuel. So you will be able to overcome the radial resistance of the body and safely bring the truck without extra shifts and drifts.
Speaking of driving trucks, it is possible to mention the road trains, which represent a truck plus one or more trailers. Such options usually are used very rarely, and the treatment of them has its own specifics. However, when you master the confident control of the tractor-trailer, the minimum basic management skills train you have to be had.