Open a Bank account. Before signing the contract to the Federal registration service, the seller and the buyer come into the Bank and in the presence of officials recalculate amount of money. The funds go to the safe Deposit box that is open on both sides. The access can only be obtained by contacting simultaneously to the Bank. Then register the transaction for the sale of the apartment and go back to the Bank where the seller will receive their money.
Give the money after signing the contract of sale. In this case the contract specifies a deadline by which you must calculate. According to paragraph 5 article 488 of the Civil code, apartment in this case is deemed pledged to the seller until maturity of the debt by the buyer. In fact, the mortgage is issued for a short term without interest rates. It should be noted that this method is very beneficial in the sense that such transaction is registered within 5 working days. After the buyer transfers the full amount, the seller shall notify the Registrar of real property rights on termination of the pledge.
Be careful when transferring cash for an apartment from hand to hand. This method of payment the apartment is very dangerous, because of the need to carry large amount of. Also, difficulties may arise when allocating funds. The fact that the seller may secretly hide a portion of your money, with the result that the buyer will have to pay the "shortfall". It is necessary to monitor closely the allocation of cash.
Use the services of a notary to transfer money in the sale of the apartment. He will make the allocation of funds and prepare a special act that confirms the fact of their transfer. If the seller refuses to sign the contract, you will be able to show him the document which he is obliged to return the received amount.