Create a receipt in writing. In the case of claims on the part of the tenant or purchaser of the apartment the authenticity of your handwriting confirm examination if the case goes to court.
Specify, besides the name, passport details (and your tenant/buyer). This is necessary in order to establish that the receipt we are talking about the people who are parties, has concluded a lease contract or purchase and sale of the apartment.
Specify the address of registration in accordance with the passport and the actual address of residence of the tenant/buyer and your. This should be done to ensure that in case of violation of the terms of the contract it would be possible to set the location of the parties in the shortest possible time.
The amount of the contract of employment or sale shall be specified in the receipt, not only figures, but in words, in the event of mutual claims of the parties could easily have found out her real size.
If the contract provides for the introduction in the amount specified in the parts be sure to specify in the receipt the time of receipt of the remaining money. It is desirable that between the time of receipt of advance payment (Deposit) of the principal amount and the contract period was not more than 30 days.
If your tenant or buyer of your apartment will not make the remaining part of the money in time, consider this option and specify in the receipt of possible penalties up to expulsion from the apartment (in case of employment) or prosecution (in the case of a purchase you housing). It is possible that these sanctions were already provided in the contract, but to duplicate them, not hurt.
To prevent the occurrence of disputes and claims, enlist the support of two witnesses and ask them to put a signature on the receipt.
All signatures must be identical to the signatures in the contract of employment or sales, as well as in the passports of the Contracting parties. Preferably near the signature and its decoding (full name).
Date of issue of a receipt. The receipt should be drawn up in 2 copies (one for each side).