You will need
  • RF-coaxial cable
  • Splitter
Purchase RF coaxial cable. Given that the TVs are likely to be located in different rooms, you will need a cable longer than 10 meters. Also buy a splitter. This gold-plated device that has one coaxial port at one end and two (or three) on the other.
Take the necessary precautions because the installation of the antennas and the laying of the cable in the house may be associated with health risks.
Choose a location to mount the antenna and install it. The higher it is placed, the better the reception.
Connect the antenna and splitter RF coaxial cable. For connection, use only the incoming port at one end of the splitter.
Connect the TV using outgoing ports on the other (free) end of the splitter.
Secure the cables so as not to damage or step on them. Use electrical tape to secure cables.
Turn on the TV to check the connection on each of them. If one of the TV has bad reception, make sure that the cable is not damaged and securely fastened.
Buy second splitter if more televisions than available ports on the first splitter. Connect the two splitters together by attaching a cable to one of the ports on the first and only inbound port on the second. Splitters can reduce the strength of the signal to pass through. If one antenna is to be connected, for example, four TV's, require amplifiers-distributors to improve the quality of the image.