Visit the pet store and buy for your pet with special dust or sand for bathing. The use of river or marine sand is unacceptable due to the high content of pathogenic bacteria. In addition, grit these types of sand are of irregular shape, which contributes to damage of chinchilla fur and poor moisture absorption. The ideal option for swimming is the volcanic dust, in which animals are taking a bath, being in a natural habitat. When buying sand, carefully read what is written on the package. It needs to be made of natural materials, have antibacterial properties and does not cause allergies.
мыть шиншиллу
After purchase be sure to check the quality of the product. To do this, RUB a little sand between your palms. The sand should not be felt large droplets, so it does not scratch the skin. A quality product will leave behind a small residue of dust. Sprinkle on the sand a few drops of water. If it immediately absorbs the moisture in ourselves and stick together in a lump, which when crushed will turn into a clay mixture, so the sand is good.
Как купить шиншиллу
Purchase at the pet store special bathing for chinchillas. For one individual, you can buy a small capacity and for multiple – closed terrarium. But can go regular fishbowl or three-liter jar.
Все о шиншиллах: как ухаживать
For disinfection and prevention of fungal diseases mix the sand with fungistop. For bathing one chinchilla lack of 5 grams of the drug. Sift the sand through a fine sieve and fill the tank for swimming. Put her in a cage for the chinchilla and watch as the animal takes a sand bath. To bathe the chinchilla need twice a week, but if room temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, bathe the animal in a day. After hygienic procedures remove the bathing of the cells. Before each bathing sand must be sifted, and every three months to replace a new one.
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