What time to plant garlic?

In the period from mid-September to October planting winter garlic. Spring garlic is planted after the cessation of frost is around the end of April. The garlic planted in the fall, inside the head is the barrel, which is not observed in winter. Spring planted cloves of garlic pressed tightly to each other. Spring harvest is very well preserved, and winter planting brings a great harvest.

Preparing for landing

Before the upcoming planting is recommended to allow the seed garlic in the refrigerator for two to three weeks. Further planting material should be soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, to do this, dissolve one gram of potassium permanganate per liter of water. Can be used for the same purpose saline, for preparation of which mix three tablespoons of salt with a bucket of water. Select a suitable place for planting garlic, excellent predecessors will be cauliflower, early cabbage, zucchini or cucumber.
It is undesirable to plant the crop after onions, potatoes and garlic.

Growing spring garlic

After the designation of the beds need to dig the ground with a bayonet spade, smooth the surface with a rake. In the garden, do the edges, to preserve the necessary moisture is not dripping. Liberally pour a bed of salt solution, so you will be able to disinfect the soil (three tablespoons of salt per ten gallons of water).

Divide the head into cloves, rotten, empty and sick slices remove. Slide the crown teeth in the ground to a depth of three centimeters. Distance between landings should be ten inches between the rows fifteen inches. The garden bed sprinkle sawdust or sifted sand. Sprinkle landing. Do not have to cover the garlic with foil, as it is quite frost resistant.

After emergence and fed garlic and ammonium sulphate, which will help to protect plants from pests. In June make a second foliar application of garlic. Planting require heavy watering until the beginning of August. The water will saturate the head with moisture, they will become juicy and large. Maid culture is done until the arrival of cold weather (in September).
Garlic is very useful for human health, it contains a lot of vitamins. It is used prophylactically to prevent colds.

The cultivation of winter garlic

To prepare a bed for planting winter garlic needs a few weeks, after making it peat, ash, sand. Then dig half of a bayonet spade. Bessarabia the soil a week before planting, it can be done with the help of fitosporin. Themselves teeth deepen seven to nine inches, sprinkle the top with humus per centimeter. The garlic needs to take root before the cold weather. In the summer, spring and winter garlic gives the arrows that need to be removed as they prevent to obtain a good harvest.