Advice 1: How to grow garlic

Garlic is not only an excellent source of vitamins and volatile production, but also a wonderful seasoning to any dish. Hard to find farmland, which would not have grown garlic. What you need to start growing garlic in your garden?
How to grow garlic

For good growth of garlic needed a Sunny location and soil with lots of sand and humus. It is best to grow garlic from cloves. Planted garlic is usually not a hill, because of possible water stagnation is detrimental to him. Land excavated to a depth of 5-8 cm, not more than: the soil below needs to be solid, it is on this ground and will fall a segment.

Fertilizing the soil, it should be remembered that the garlic does not tolerate high concentrations of salts, so the solutions are ready mineral fertilizers better diluted. Also, the fertilizer must contain nitrogen. To fertilize the soil in advance is necessary, not just before landing, that the land had to be enriched with trace elements.

Cloves planted in the fall, early enough that the garlic has time to take root before the frost. The recommended period is the second half of September. Approximately a month can seem like the shoots of garlic that will testify of his establishment. Rooted the garlic ready for the winter and for spring growth. Garlic for the winter sheltering layer of hay or fallen leaves, but not a continuous layer, and "stripes" to leave access to light and air. Garlic is a fairly hardy so that it does not require excessive sheltering.

Spring heater can not be removed, as the garlic will sprout through it, and additional weight will serve as fertilizer.

Appeared in the spring blossoms of garlic, you can break it, and you can collapse the ring to get "bullock", of which later it is possible to grow garlic. Young garlic can be eaten by the end of June. The willingness of garlic is determined by the condition of the stem at the root collar if the stem is hard, so it is still active nutrients, that is, the growth of the garlic continues. When it becomes soft, then the garlic, you can dig up.

During the cleaning makes sense to defer the largest bulbs, then to take slices of them for divorce. The selected slices should be dry to avoid sprouting, and to postpone until September.


Advice 2 : If planting garlic seeds

Garlic is cultivated and learned to cultivate about 5,000 years ago. It is appreciated for taste and also for medicinal properties. Garlic goes well with many foods, gives dishes a spicy touch.
If planting garlic seeds
You will need
  • - seeds of garlic;
  • - fertilizer.
Cultivated generally two types of garlic – spring and winter. The most common winter crops. Spring is grown in the Northern regions, where podzimny crops freeze.
Varieties of garlic are strelkauskas and normal. Strelkauskas plant species only for the winter, because spring planting give a bad harvest. Culture propagated by cloves and seeds – bulbectomy air-bulbils formed on the end of the peduncle (arrow) after ripening.
When planting a teeth choose a head, whose diameter is not less than 25 mm. Divide them into cloves and sort by size. Can be planted and bulbs-single bulbils diameter greater than 10 mm. propagation cloves in plants accumulate disease, with time, the garlic degenerates, so every few years to update the seed. For this purpose, use aerial bulbs.
In well-developed plants Express arrows-stalks, on which grow small bulbs. The Mature plant, when the sheath will crack heads with seeds remove along with the bulb and hands, wipe dry. Store at temperature from +20 to +25 degrees.
Ready the flower bed for autumn sowing of garlic in the summer, keep it fallow. In 14-15 days before planting, make fertilizer: 300 grams of ash, 7 kg of compost, 50 g of superphosphate and potassium sulfate per 1 square meter.
Planted garlic in the fall bullocki together with lobules. Time calculate so that they have taken root, but had sprouted. In the garden make the grooves, put them in the planting material is crown down, sprinkle the earth, lightly tamp. In the spring, shoots appear, remove from the beds of weeds.
There is another method of growing garlic from seed, facilitating summer planting care. Prepared area with wet Newspapers over mulch in 2-3 layers. Make a hole in them, arranged in rows. In these holes and planted bullocki, on top of paper sprinkle a thin layer of soil. Under a mulch, the weeds will die, and those that will break in a month and a half, will already be not afraid of young plants of garlic.
There are many years of garlic, which does not form a head, for food use tender leaves. It is propagated by seed similar to onion seeds-a Welsh onion. In the summer you can use it in food, because the greenery grows early enough.
Useful advice
From seed to fall to grow the bulbs without teeth, placing you receive next year a full healthy head of garlic. Properly and regularly care for the plantings. Several times over the summer, apply fertilizer and do weeding.
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