Than to fertilize garlic in the spring that are not yellowing

If you noticed that the garlic started to turn yellow, the first thing you need to identify the cause of yellowing leaves. Garlic may turn yellow due to the defeat of fungal diseases (this often happens if the garlic is planted in acidic soil), the attack on the pests, for example, the onion fly. Also culture can change color because of freezing, and of course, due to the lack of nutrients.

If the cause of the yellowing of garlic is indeed the lack of nutrients, the problem is completely solved: you just need to feed him organic and mineral fertilizers. To make the dressing you can with the watering garlic cooked solutions and podsypaniem fertilizer in the furrows between the plants followed by irrigation of the beds, spraying of leaves with special preparations.

For example, a good result gives watering and spraying with garlic solution of sulphate of potash (teaspoonful of sulphate per liter of water). As organics we can use a infusion of herbs (common weeds) must be added in a solution of wood ash (0.5 liter per bucket).

What to feed garlic to head was a large

If you want to get maximum yield of garlic, then do not neglect feeding. For fertilizer, it is desirable to use a special comprehensive feeding, which correctly matched the percentage of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. Proven medications Agricola №2" and "Onion Garlic Fertilizer (N:P:K, % 7,6 : 15,3 : 35,1), you will easily be able to find in stores for gardeners.

The use of funds has a positive effect on the growth of garlic, and also highly improves the taste, increases resistance of plants to various diseases. Feeding these drugs is recommended once in the spring and summer, making about seven grams of fertilizer directly into the wet soil, trying to evenly sprinkle it on the bed (data are given per square meter).

To replace the above-described complex fertilizer is urea. For feeding culture requires a tablespoon of urea dissolved in 10 liters of water and pour the garlic (the amount of solution will last for five square meters). After this feeding, you must spend another fertilizer nitrophoska after a couple of weeks (two tablespoons of the drug in a bucket of water, flow of funds similar to the amount of urea solution).

If you prefer organic fertilizers, use of fertilizing with ash and chicken droppings. When using ash perform the following manipulation: atrebate from the stalks of the garlic soil a couple of inches, in the holes pour a small amount of ashes, and cover with soil.

Good for the growth of heads of garlic dressing chicken droppings. Dilute manure with water in a ratio of 1 to 15 (strictly follow the proportions, in any case, do not use a more concentrated mixture) and pour over the composition of plants, using a watering can without the spray. Remember, this fertilizer though highly improves the growth of garlic, however, head in the subsequent worse are stored.