Synchronize your phone with your computer. To synchronise your phone with your computer, you need a data cable and the driver and software for synchronization. The infrared port or bluetooth connection may work, but they are not suitable for refirmware, so the best option is data cable. Keep in mind that before you connect your phone you must install drivers for the model phonethat are subject to synchronization. Software is a program that allows you to perform operations on the contents of the phone. If all of these components are not included in the package, buy data cable and driver and find using the search engine.
Prepare the phone for the penfirmware. Connect your phone to the computer and make sure that the software "sees" it. Copy the phonebook, messages and other personal data from your phone to your computer. This is necessary because when flashing all personal data can be lost as a failure, and the success of the operation. Make sure you completely copied the personal data, then proceed to flashing.
Depending on the manufacturer and model of cell phone, software for refirmware may vary. Use search engines in order to find the right program and firmware. Would be preferable if they are downloaded from the manufacturer's website. Install the program, then copy the current version of firmwareinstalled on your phone. Remember that flashing is only possible with a fully charged battery of the phone. Reflash the phone, carefully following the instructions of the program for flashing. Do not disconnect the phone until the end of the penfirmware.