You will need
  • Computer, phone, necessary.
All current models of cell phones include the ability to change the languageand interface a custom menu in Russian. The only exceptions are those devices that originally were not designed for their operation in Russia. Today, there are two ways to change languageand phone menu: using the options of the device and using special software (in case if the phone doesn't support Russian language menu is displayed).
To switch language from Russian to any other, go to the main menu of your phone and go to "Settings". Here select "phone Settings" and look for the menu "Language". In the opened tab you can set the desired language. If the telephone menu is displayed in Russian language, and you don't know how to find the right menu, set the desired settings by using hot keys. In the main menu press the numbers that correspond to specific settings (the value of each digit is described in the phone manual).
If the device does not support Russian languagee, you need to change its firmware. For download from the Internet the firmware intended for your phone model and install it on the device. Installing new software is done via a USB cord. For this you will need a program that allows firmware cell phones. Her you can find on the Internet by typing the query in any search engine.